"I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, Wanna talk about number one, oh my me my, what I think, what I like, what I know what I want, what I see..." Name the song?

Okay I will help you... Toby Keith; I Wanna Talk About Me is the killer tune and congrats if you got that.. you are my kind of person. Since this is a blog post about ME, I thought it is only fitting to start off this with fun tune! Oh, and if you are a Kenny Chesney lover because that man is MY GUY. ( As you can see, from my title- shoutout Kenny... feel free to hit me up sometime.. !

My name is Ashley Kirchner and I am founder of Coastaholic, A laid-back lifestyle brand.

This brand is my baby, other than my doggo Koda.. the MOST beautiful golden-doodle in the world. No, I am not biased... he legitimately is god's gift to earth in fur form. Any who, I am currently celebrating the 4th of July on a inland shoreline which is not quite a coast, but almost the same thing?! Well, not quite but I love ALL the bodies of water from clearwater coast lines, to rocky bottom shore lines and that flows in between.

My life is nothing extremely crazy, although I myself have been described to many as crazy due to my actions, way of life, and the way I go about my day to day.

A true Coastaholic is what I consider myself, and If you read my first blog post I explain just what a Coastaholic is. In the short, I am a ocean & water loving, sunshine craving, adventure enthusiast. Nothing gets me more riled up than a big beautiful palm, and some crystal clear water. I can roll with either party though and enjoy the coast in all the different ways. I can jump on board with those who love to be on the move and filling the day's hours with fast pace explorations, or I can sit my happy ass on a beach somewhere with a skinny marg in my hand. Either option puts a big smile on my usually sun burnt face, and I love it all!


Now down to the nitty gritty. My backstory, my personality, and why I am the way I am! I will keep it short and sweet, but far from boring. You will notice as I write I am not always formal, I do have a "potty" mouth on me at times, and I sometimes write very "lofty". This lofty writing may come from me liking to write poems here and there, and that is typically the way I write poems which then carries over into my everyday writing. Hey, it keeps it interesting right?!\

A few staple points about me.

  1. Family is everything
  2. Health & Fitness is a huge part of my life
  3. I love eating more than I love most things, and people
  4. I need travel to survive
  5. I don't drink often, but when I do... you can use your imagination for the rest, but let me tell ya, its a good time!

I stand 5'2" above ground level of this beautiful earth, been enjoying the sunshine now for a little over 26 years, my hair is as white as the Bahamian sand, and I have always been known as a tomboy since the day I could walk. I grew up with 2 brothers, later to add a step brother, no sisters, and I'm a dad's girl -- LOT'S of love for my mom, but ya'll know how it goes.. you are either a momma's kid or a dad's and my laid back attitude and way of thinking has always gone hand in hand with my father's. I am an artist and grew up painting, drawing, and all the creative artistic things that go with it--Shoutout to mom for handing down the artistic talent! I turned my eye for art into a graphic design skill which is what I currently do.

Home is Southern Illinois, which is really god's country as some would say with the beautiful landscape of fields, forests, lakes and rivers. I got my first four wheeler at 6 years old, which only emphasized my boyish attitude and ways. I was always a camouflage wearing, boot stomping, mud slinging little girl growing up. My mom would joke she had 3 boys! As time as went on, I have evolved and added to my girlier sides but still enjoy all the boy's toys and activities. My first vehicle at 17 was a 99' Jeep Wrangler with 35" mud tires and a 10" lift ( now sits on 37's), I bought my first dirt bike at 18 and now have 3, my first sport quad at 19, and worked the local Napa Auto Parts store and milked cows in high school. I grew up at the lake on the weekends learning to wake board before I even hit double digits in age, and got in more wrestling matches with my brothers than I can count.

Throwback to my Senior Photo back in 2013, when I was 18 years old and slinging mud in my '99 jeep like there was no tomorrow...

My current career and business ventures will be saved for another post, since it is a bit much to cram into this one. I know y'all have a coast to hit up soon, so I do not want to take too much of your precious time!

You may be saying to yourself.. "she sounds like a country girl, not a beach loving babe?". Well yes, I have my country bumpkin side to me since that is where I was born and raised but my heart and soul also lies in the deep blue seas & sandy coasts.

We did grow up going down to Destin Florida and Gulf Shores a few times as kids which I guess you could say were my first ocean loving experiences I had. There was a trip that did it for me though. The adventure that ignighted the ocean obsessed side of me, the love for laid back island living. This was my trip to St. Thomas and St. John I took when I was about 14 years old with my dad. It was such a fantastic experience that I will do a special blog about this trip in particular as I have extremely vivid memories of the entire thing down to the detail of the meals I ate. Writing about it now makes me get overly excited and I am smiling from ear to ear!  

Fast forward to 2018...

I created a brand name called COASTAHOLIC, which is now trademarked. This year; 2021-- we went down to Key West aka my all time favorite US destination, and I got my brand Coastholic tattooed down my spine. I thought if I really am going to express who I am with ink on me, there is nothing more descriptive of me than this word. I mean, be your brand right?  

Personally I think I live my brand, and I am the poster child for my company to the absolute most of my ability! It is not just a company, it is not just a brand name, it's a feeling and a way of life. Enough about me for now. Get back to your ocean loving adventures, or get to planning one soon!

Remember, happiness is only a coast away. Get planning & be happy.

- Ashley Kirchner, Founder

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